Dark Moon Mysteries: Wisdom Power and Magic of the Shadow World

Dark Moon Mysteries--Llewellyn    

Winner: Small Press Award  Self-Help/Spirituality, 1999

Time-Warner Book of the Month Club Alternative Selection, 1999

Your “shadow self” holds all the fears, emotions, and memories you have (knowingly or not) suppressed over the course of your lifetime. In this award-winning book, Timothy Roderick leads readers step by step through the deepening process of recognizing and integrating our personal shadows.mandrake

Not just Witches, my many of us shy away from looking deeply at what holds us back both magically, spiritually and personally. This work leads you directly to the source of your darkness to unbind your deepest potential for wisdom, magic and personal empowerment. Dark Moon Mysteries is the first book to weave together Jungian analysis, practical application of fairy-tale archetypes, and contemporary Witchcraft to help you mine the riches that lie within your inner darkness.

  • Publisher: Llewellyn Publications; 1st edition
  • Original Publication Date: 1999
  • Re-Release: July 2015
  • List Price: $16.99

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