About Me

TR1Timothy Roderick is a native to southern California and lives in Los Angeles. His writing spans over twenty years. Timothy’s works in earth-based spirituality and Wicca draws upon his experiences in British Traditional Wicca, but includes diverse sources including his background in Clinical Psychology and his role as a psychotherapist and mental health educator, his interest in Jungian Analysis and its relationship to myth, dream and ritual. Influences and inspirations have included the works of Gardner, Valiente, the Farrars, Sanders, Starhawk, Harner, and Campbell. Authors from the fields of applied Clinical Psychology that play a role in his works include Jung, Kast, Bettleheim, and others. Timothy’s parallel studies in Eastern Mysticism have included those of Zen Buddhism and Taoism.

Timothy’s approach to spiritual writing is to help readers develop a sustainable, sensible, and livable practice that blends together the most effective, powerful, healing and evocative work from each path of his training and study. Timothy’s aim is to develop a practice that informs the life readers have right now, rather than involving them in spiritual practices that stand as a quaint or quirky homage to the past. Timothy’s works move readers away from spirituality that is an “exercise of the mind” to a practice that has practical use, and that involves/informs every aspect of life. 

Fiction writing is new for readers of Timothy’s other works. Timothy’s debut fantasy fiction novel, Briar Blackwood’s Grimmest of Fairytales was inspired by his interest in fairy tales and folklore.  Timothy’s forthcoming paranormal thriller is currently in the final editing stages and will be available as soon as possible. For more about Briar Blackwood, click here.


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